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23 2021-09
How to distinguish the quality of water-based paint

People's requirements for water-based...

23 2021-09
Composition, curing principle and characteristics of uv adhesive

1. What is the uv adhesive made of?UV adhesive...

23 2021-09
uv adhesive is easy to cause failure when bonding glass

When using uv adhesives to bond glass, there...

23 2021-09
How to clean up the UV adhesive after curing?

Many customers feel that some products are...

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From Changsha, the land of Hunan culture

Hunan Votani Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. relies on Japan's technological advantages to focus on the research and development and market application of chemical coatings for electronic products. Since entering the field of smart electronic products, the company's UV coatings, nano-coating agents and other products have won praise from customers in the industry. The company has established a coating decoration division and a nanomaterial division. Guided by market demand and guaranteed by technology research and development. At the same time, an application research and development and CMF design center has been established in Guangdong to provide customers with technical support, after-sales service and CMF services during the application process.